Jobs for the Future

We are in the throes of a technological revolution that is transforming the way we live, work and communicate with each other. The shifts are occurring at a rapid pace, and they are major, complex and multi-dimensional. There are other forces that are also affecting the world of work, including demographic trends such as longer life expectancy and far-reaching inter-generational shifts.

Tevet’s goal is to lead sustainable change in the Israeli labor market by developing new employment models and creating a central knowledge repository of applicable employment concepts and methods. It therefore attaches great importance to preparing for the mega-changes in the work world and adapting Tevet’s work to the changes already under way.

Key directions:

  • Developing innovative responses for the integration of Tevet’s target populations into the changing world of work, at the same time taking advantage of emerging employment opportunities, and adopting stateof-the-art, innovative work methods;
  • Expanding the professional discourse with international partners, and at the same time identifying, locating and disseminating new knowledge about emerging professions, required skills, goals and measurements of employment in the new world of work, and more.