Employment for Older Adults

The growing rate of workforce participation by older adults requires appropriate support programs for those seeking employment. OECD data indicates that older workers tend to experience longer periods of unemployment than younger ones after being laid off. An absence of suitable employment services for this cohort contributes further to the lengthy unemployment.
The integration of older adults into the workforce faces various barriers. Negative attitudes among employers regarding the suitability of older workers and the extent of their productivity pose a challenge, as do the rapid changes in the labor market that require workers to constantly update their skills and acquire new ones. The transformation of the world of work presents additional challenges, among them insufficient digital literacy and obsolete professional knowledge.

Key directions:

  • Creating partnerships with employers, identifying and expanding fields of appropriate employment for re-integration of older workers into the workforce.
  • Creating avenues for self-employment and entrepreneurship;
  • Changing societal attitudes toward older workers, in general, and among employers and the target population, in particular.