Our Team


Deputy CEO JDC-Israel, CEO of JDC-Tevet: Dr. Sigal Shelach

CFO: Mickey Dinowitz

Director of Programs for ultra-Orthodox and Older Workers: Ruben Gorbatt

Director of Programs for Arabs and Career Advancement Programs: Suzan Hassan-Daher

Director of Employment Programs for People with Disabilities and Developing Models for Vocational Training: Avi Fleishon

Director of Knowledge Development and Training: Shelly Sussman

Director of Strategic Partnerships and RD: Reeva Ninio

Director of Planning, Development and Evaluation: Ruth Yaron-Ambaye

Professional Staff

Director of Employer Relations: Yael Slavin

Program Developer, World of Work: Tami Abend

Directors of Program Training: Tamar Gernick, Yael Slezinger

Databank: Haggi Darzy

Program Managers: Chaviva Eisler, Inbal Fisch, Daniella Jawno, Itzchak Trachtengut, Dikla Yonathan–Katzav, Rana Musa, Ina Soltanovich-David, Einat Mesterman, Ovad Cohen, Nirit Shayson, Lishay Mishali-Keen

Administration: Mazal Belisha, Simona David, Irit Mor, Mays Massalha, Ilanit Korach, Raz Shamir


Dr. Sigal Shelach, CEO of JDC-Tevet

Sigal studied for a degree in Agriculture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before earning both her Master’s and PhD in Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University. Her thesis focused on the effects of migration on employment.

Sigal worked in Israel’s Ministry of Economy as a researcher before coming to JDC-Tevet. She has headed JDC-Tevet since 2012. Today, she is one of the most integral people in the organization, leading JDC’s employment initiatives with patience, skill and experience.

“Those who succeed go from failure to failure maintaining the same high level of motivation,” she says.


Mickey Dinowitz, CFO

Mickey earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He served as a teaching assistant and lecturer on economics and financing in several academic institutions. Before joining JDC-Tevet, he worked for the Ministry of Finance.


Ruben Gorbatt, Director of Programs for ultra-Orthodox and Older Workers

Ruben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from the College of Management and a degree in Business Management through Tel Aviv University. Before coming to JDC, Ruben managed Adecco's branch in Tel Aviv.

Upon joining JDC-Tevet, Ruben headed up a variety of pioneering employment programs for the ultra-Orthodox most of whom were not in the workforce. These included programs for the integration of men into military service and diversifying the skills of women in the workforce. In recent years he has also taken on development of programs for those aged 45 and older.

Suzan Hassan-Daher, Director of Programs for Arabs and Career Advancement

Suzan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Life Sciences, an additional degree in social work and a Master’s in Criminology – all from Hebrew University. Suzan has extensive knowledge and experience in the employment of special needs populations, accrued during her research work at the Myers-Joint-Brookdale Institute and accompanying programs for Israeli Arab society and disadvantaged women from their stage of development through their adoption by the government. Suzan also has broad experience advising social and business organizations in the development of employment programs for disenfranchised groups. She has also been a lecturer in career management programs.

Avi Fleishon, Director of Employment Programs for People with Disabilities and Developing Models for Vocational Training

Avi earned his Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Government & Middle Eastern Studies at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, then bolstered his knowledge of the region with a Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies, also at Ben Gurion.

He joined the JDC-Tevet team in 2007 as a program manager for at-risk young adults, but was soon mobilized to help develop programs for the Druze population. This led to his in-depth involvement in developing first-of-its-kind employment centers for Israeli Arabs, before expanding his responsibilities to employment programs for other vulnerable groups.

Prior to joining JDC, Avi was active in various non-profits and in academia.

Shelly Sussman, Director of Knowledge Development and Training

Shelly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem before advancing to a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Bar Ilan University.

She went on to work as an organizational consultant for a few years, then joined 3Com as Head of Training and Organizational Development, followed by a decade as VP of Human Resources at Deltathree. Shelly joined the JDC-Tevet team to spearhead development of its bank of professional knowledge and to lead the intensive training efforts that help pilot each program.


Reeva Ninio, Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Born in South Africa, Reeva earned her degree in sociology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem before becoming a certified tour guide in Israel. She soon turned her focus from the country to its people, joining the Jewish Agency for Israel, where she was the director of the organization’s influential Partnership 2000 initiative, and worked in Israel engagement in Washington, D.C.

At JDC, Reeva serves as a bridge between JDC-Tevet’s programs and the donors and businesses that make them possible organ. The focus of her efforts is on exposing JDC-Tevet to the rest of the world and introducing new partnerships to help JDC-Tevet move forward.


Ruth Yaron-Ambaye, Director of Planning, Development and Evaluation

Ruth works with management and professional staff to instill organizational objectives and adapt JDC-Tevet’s activity to the changing world of work. Previously she served as Senior Director of Employment Infrastructure Programs as well as Director of Programs for New Immigrants at JDC-Tevet.

Ruth played an integral role in the renewal of Jewish communal life in Budapest in the 1990's, after the fall of the Iron Curtain. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and History, a Master’s in Public Organization Management and Public Policy from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and certification in organizational consulting.