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Fueling the Economy of the Start-Up Nation

Israel may have become a ‘Start-Up Nation’ in recent years due to the bubble of successful hi-tech companies, but the country has always been a bed of industrious and determined small business owners. JDC-TEVET has introduced several programs to give all Israelis access to the same opportunities to start their own businesses, including people with disabilities, people living far from population centers, people living close to Gaza and more. 

E-Learning: With the support of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, JDC-TEVET has created a series of online courses for those seeking to learn how to launch a small business. The courses are simple to navigate and easy to access, thereby empowering those with limited time or abilities to realize their dreams.

Mentor Phone: Mentor Phone is a smartphone App that allows aspiring small business owners to learn how to get started while on the go. The App offers a chat and call-in option for people to ask for basic advice and troubleshoot with professionals about issues they face on the road towards becoming an entrepreneur. 

On the Path to Business: Starting a new business is a long and difficult journey. All too often, the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is simply the organization and logistical skills of the business owner. On the Road to Business is a preparatory course, created by JDC-TEVET, for new business owners. Offered for free, students meet and acquire basic business skills through experiential learning and active, first-hand participation.