The Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring

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The Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring

The Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring was created in 2010 by a number of organizations who wish to promote Diversity within Israeli society.

The aims of the forum are:

  • To  raise awareness of the importance and advantages of diversity hiring
  • To develop tools and knowledge to enable a more diversified workplace
  • To create professional terms and language which reflect the topic and advance the issue
  • To lead processes with the Government to remove obstacles to advancing diversity within the workplace

The Forum compliments and advances each organization’s work in the area of employment of marginalized groups and diversity hiring specifically.

The partnership with employers, both in the public and the private sector, is important in order to integrate and implement diversity hiring – with an understanding of the impact on the cohesiveness of society as well as promoting business profitability. In addition to working with employers, the forum has recognized the need for tri-sector synergy (private, public and non- profit) to increase the awareness of the subject and to create tools and tracks for diversity hiring. The forum aspires to be the tri-sector hub which advances diversity hiring of all minority populations with a focus on: Arab-Israelis, ultra-orthodox Jews, Ethiopian-Israelis, people with disabilities and people older than 45 years old.

The Forum is coordinated by a small executive council comprised of non-profit and business executives. A larger assembly meets bi-annually and serves as a forum for joint learning and sharing of knowledge and best practices.

What the Forum does:

  • Spreads awareness and advocates among major Israeli companies and public sector organizations about the need to take part in improving diversity hiring and the inclusion of minorities in the workplace.
  • Innovates and shares the professional knowledge needed by corporate partners to implement diversity goals and practices in their companies.
  • Serves as the single national address for all diversity solutions needed (i.e. how to map current level of diversity, cultural-sensitivity training, how to create a career advancement program, sources of data, evaluation tools, etc.)                  
  • Trains professionals to conduct effective outreach to corporations to promote diversity hiring.

Forum Members: The forum has over 70 members, including international, multi-national and local companies such as: GOOGLE, Sandisk, NICE, HP, Unilever, Citibank, HaPoalim bank and Amdocs.