The Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring

About this Program: 

After four years developing innovative employment programs, JDC-TEVET set out in 2010 to establish a forum of partners to bring our vision to a wider audience. The Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring was created by organizations in the private, public and non-profit sector to raise awareness of the vulnerable populations that, with JDC-TEVET’s help, are increasingly joining Israel’s workforce.


Today, the Israeli Forum for Diversity Hiring includes over 70 members, including both Israeli and international companies such as Google, Citibank, Amdocs, Sandisk, HP, Unilver and Bank HaPoalim. The Forum meets twice a year with several specific aims, all achievable through thorough discussion and the dissemination of information to employers and organizations all over Israel.

The forum works to raise awareness of the importance and advantages of diversity hiring; to develop the tools and knowledge needed to enable a more diversified workplace; to create professional terms and language reflecting diversity hiring in Israel; and to organize and present plans to the Government of Israel to advance the cause of diversity within the Israel workplace. Are these goals ambitious? Certainly. But with so many influential, innovative partners in the Forum, a truly diverse Israeli workforce is eminently achievable.

The Forum is led and coordinated by a small executive council made of non-profit and business executives, but its members hail from many of the top companies and organizations in Israel. Bringing some of the most influential businesses together to discuss diversity hiring has caused a ripple effect throughout Israeli’s business sector. Need some statistic showing how the Forum has effected change.