Developing Employer Relations

Ofra Palmer Granot

This resource is a culmination of the collective knowledge and of field staff in employment programs, employers, program participants, and administrative staff. As part of JDC-TEVET’s mission to develop models for successful employment, it is important to disseminate internal knowledge to foster a culture of learning and improvement. Employer relations requires excellent listening skills, communication, and a great deal of creativity and flexibility. It also entails a deep understanding of both the demand and supply of labor in the workforce and the nuances of personal and professional development.

This booklet provides employment program professionals with knowledge and tools that are specific, accessible, and applicable to their work with relation to employers. It incorporates the basic tools needed by professionals in the employment field, particularly employer outreach coordinators. Furthermore, it defines work principles and methodologies and offers a broad range of examples from the field. Chapter 1 addresses employer outreach coordinators by offering a model for the position and its primary responsibilities. Chapter 2 focuses on the involvement of employers in the programs. Chapter 3 shares details and examples of work tools for employer relations coordinators, including some advanced tools utilized in employer outreach. A follow up booklet with guidelines and new tools for employers is currently in development. All content was based on the wealth of field experience gained through JDC-TEVET’s operating programs. Relevant knowledge was collected by the Knowledge Development and Training Department through evaluations with managers, employment directors, and employment outreach coordinators over the past decade, and adapted for the needs of JDC staff and participants.