Career Advancement Implementation Model and Toolkit

Ayelet Uriel-Raymond
Michal Timor
Revital Silas
Dr. Dana Pereg
Shiri Deitsch

The Kidum program has been operating at TEVET since 2012 and includes several elements: individual and group guidance and support, study grants, flexible family grants, mentoring by volunteers from the business world, and the chance to integrate into a variety of developing career tracks.This booklet presents the theoretical background and operating model of the Kidum program, plus the employment tools adapted to the needs of the program participants. The guide is intended for use by TEVET’S employment program managers and advancement counselors. Government entities and local authorities that operate employment advancement programs for low-income workers will also find it interesting and informative, and can use it to increase their understanding of the advancement processes and what they require.In addition, employers and human resource managers will gain an additional perspective on the development and retention of human capital in their organizations.
The booklet has two main parts: the first part presents the theoretical background, rationale and operating model of the Kidum program, while the second part contains the employment tools available for professionals in the promotion of career advancement.