How We Work

With input from its partners, JDC-Tevet is constantly attuned to the transformative trends in the global labor market, identifying barriers to employment and understanding new needs of both employers and employees as they arise. Partners include the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, one of Israel’s most respected research organizations, the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, the OECD, and the Government of Israel.

Once a program is piloted, tested, researched and proven successful, it is absorbed into the growing body of social services provided by the Government of Israel.

The DNA model has proven effective in creating employment programs for vulnerable populations in Israel, adapted to the vastly differing needs of these groups. An employment program that works for ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students, for example, may not work for Ethiopian-Israeli mothers.

JDC-Tevet develops and pilots a vast array of programs all over Israel, from all-in-one employment centers in Arab villages to employment boot camps for recently released prisoners in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The life cycle of JDC-Tevet programs follows the DNA Model:

In the Design stage, JDC-Tevet:

● Identifies and analyzes socioeconomic problems and trends in Israeli society;

● Maps best practices in Israel and abroad;

● Develops innovative, realistic programs to address these issues;

● Conducts pilot programs with the support of government and local partners.

In the Nurture stage, JDC-Tevet:

● Tests and evaluates the program to refine its effectiveness;

● Builds the infrastructure and professional capacities;

● Prepares to launch the amended program model in locations across Israel with local operating partners.

In the Accelerate stage, JDC-Tevet:

● Assists government agencies and other partners to reproduce the program in locations nationwide;

● Provides oversight, professional training, and program development for local operators;

● Offers ongoing consultation to these local partners to address new issues and ensure the program’s continued success.