Tevet and the Future of Employment

JDC-Israel Tevet is a social incubator bringing sustainable and innovative employment solutions to Israel's most vulnerable populations.  

Employment is our business, and employment as we know it is changing. Rapid technological innovations, changing attitudes towards work, and the new global economy bring new challenges in developing programs for job placement and career advancement.

Generating Global Discourse

Over the past ten years, Tevet has invested a great deal of resources into understanding the professional discourse on employment throughout the world, beyond local organizations and government. Today we are expanding this dialogue, creating a global community to share insights, common challenges, and best practices faced in developing solutions to the dynamic world of work.

Our Big Questions

  What are the market-driven economic and ecological forces behind disruptive changes?

♦    Will artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation bring us to a jobless future?

  • Is universal basic income an inevitable reality?

  • Are the dystopian or utopian visions more likely? 

♦   Which professions will emerge or be eliminated in the future?

  • Which skills will be more employable in the future job market?

  • How will different populations move in and out of the "at-risk" category?

♦   What roles should major institutions and groups (the court, academia, large corporations) be playing in ensuring employment for the future?

  •  How will the dynamics between these institutions evolve in the global economy?

Join the Conversation

We invite you to connect with us and advance the global discourse on the future world of work through a series of conversations (more information to come). Together we will share best practices, professional materials, upcoming events, and more.

Contact: ReevaN@jdc.org