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JDC Israel

JDC Israel deals with the advancement of quality of life, equality of opportunities, and reduction of gaps in Israeli society in collaboration with the Government of Israel. The organization works among populations regardless of religious, national or political identity.


JDC-TEVET strengthens the social and economic fabric of Israel and cultivates equal opportunities through workforce participation and career advancement to generate sustainable change in the Israeli labor force.



JDC-TEVET develops programs, models, and innovative approaches to employment, work closely with employers to implement solutions and initiatives addressing employment in Israel, and serve as a hub for knowledge development. 


JDC-Tevet Board Members Visit Tel Aviv

On February 12, 2018 JDC-Tevet welcomed 9 board members and their families from across the world to Tel Aviv for a day of visits and lectures regarding JDC-Tevet's...

Starter: Ghazallah's Success Story

Ghazallah Hir Atalla, 27, is married, has one child and lives in the Galilee Druze village of Yarka. She joined Starter after graduating with a certificate...

Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Employment Challenges

Accelerated technological development is already changing the face of the employment world, and is expected to eliminate some of today's most common professions. The...

Developing and Advancing a Multi-Generational Work Environment

 Yesterday, the first professional seminar was held in the Halfway program (Emtza Haderech), which employs older adults 45-75, in partnership with JDC-Israel TEVET...